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What is Micro-grids

As opposed to the utility grid, a microgrid, which creates electricity in a centralized power plant and then distributes it over hundreds of miles of transmission lines, generates electricity on-site. 

Microgrids often employ a combination of backup diesel generators and renewables especially solar panels to generate power. 

In addition, Microgrids can include battery devices to store and dispatch power during outages or surges in grid demand.



Make your roof work for you!



Business value 

Microgrid renewable energy system. Tackle your energy challenges by creating an optimized way to access reliable, green, and resilient energy.


• Cost savings on Capital expenses.

• Cost savings on maintenance and operation.


• Green products.

• Improving brand image through end-to-end sustainability, energy, and safety management.


• Energy efficiency.
• Power availability, reliability and quality.

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