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Solar & Battery Farm

We can design and install the ground-mounted solar farm for you!

Energy comes from your own site!

Green energy + Up to 25% savings on electricity bills with

Zero Capital Cost!

Farms & caravan parks

Efficient dual use of agricultural land:

Photovoltaics on open land can be substantially expanded without using valuable resources on fertile arable land.

Combining solar power with agricultural activities can:

  • Reduce costs.

  • Significantly improve land-use efficiency.

  • Particularly suitable for arid regions.

  • Help reduce water consumption in agriculture.

  • Generate stable additional sources of income for farms.

  • Make many farms more resilient against harvest losses.


Contact us today

If you have farmland or Caravan Park that is:

  • Reasonably flat with limited vegetation.

  • Available for long-term solar farm use.

  • Close to three-phase powerlines.

Our professional in-house team can design, invest and construct the solar farm for you so you have ZERO CAPITAL COST!

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